• The Ghost Tree – A Review

    No one writes a monster story quite like Christina Henry! The first of her more recent original horror novels (as opposed to works based on classic children’s literature and fairy tales), The Ghost Tree is as eerie, dark and stomach-churningly gorey as any of Christina Henry’s previous works. Set in a rural factory-town in the […]

  • A Galaxy Next Door Vol. 2 – A Review

    Gido Amagakure’s sweet little sci-fi romance continues as we find ourselves in the early days of Kuga and Shiori’s relationship. It has been some weeks now since struggling manga artist, Kuga, first began renting a room to alien princess, Shiori, and ultimately found himself accidentally engaged to her. Now newly dating, this second volume sees […]

  • Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk Volume 1 – A Review

    Seven Seas has definitely become the go-to publisher for LGBT manga over the past few years, and this recent offering is certainly a worthy addition to their collection. Cross Play Love: Otaku x Punk is essentially the story of two teenage boys who fall in love while dressed as girls, oblivious to the fact that […]

  • Last Gender Vol. 1 – A Review

    Rei Taki’s Last Gender is a series of short, episodic chapters exploring the lives of the patrons of BAR California, a sex club opening it’s doors to gender and sexual minorities. Each person is struggling with their own personal difficulties: Manami is dealing with a cheating husband and a loveless marriage, Ran is sick of […]

  • The Half Life of Valery K – A Review

    Departing from the magical realism that has defined Natasha Pulley’s previous works, The Half Life of Valery K presents a creative re-imagining of the events surrounding the 1957 nuclear meltdown at City 40, a Soviet testing site that operated during the Cold War. This fictional exploration of a real historical incident is told from the […]

  • The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World Vol. 3 – A Review

    The most relatable isekai premise in manga returns as we catch up with a newly engaged Tsukina a few months after the events of the second volume. This third instalment of Oumiya and Reika Sakurada’s manga adaptation of Kyouka Izumi’s light novel series The Savior’s Book Café Story in Another World, the manga resumes with […]